Female Entrepreneur

Advanced Growth Program

Ten Week Group Mastermind • 1-on-1 Coaching

"No one else helps female coaches in this way." - ICF Certified Coach

"I loved this program! The process is uniquely tailored for female founders." - Technology Founder

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Grow Your

Crystalize Your

Truly Measure
Client Success

Knowing what makes your story unique and why it matters is what separates average from elite coaches and unsustainable businesses from successful ones.

Are You A Female Entrepreneur or Coach Who:

Draws clear connections from
your "Why" as a coach to your
client value propositions.

Precisely measures your client
results. Both quantitative
and emotional.

Has developed a communication
strategy that is both values
and data-driven.

Has discovered the value of a
different perspective on your
business modeling and execution.

Makes a lasting and
measured positive impact
on the lives of clients.

Has a strategic marketing
road map based on your unique
value in a crowded marketplace.

If any of these foundation elements are lacking in your business model,
you will benefit from this program.

The Legacy Mentor Method combines emotional intelligence with measurable data resulting in higher engagement and growth.

Hear From Our Past Participants

"I have so many notebooks full of work I’ve done around these themes before but nothing else crystallized the meaning and provided an actionable road map to build on.”

"Female wellness coaches can absolutely benefit from a male perspective when going through this process - personally and for their business."

"This process has been therapeutic – to have someone sit and listen to my whole story from the beginning until now…I did not hold back, and it helped me realize all of my value in the process. I thought ‘I’m done letting my beliefs and my past hold me back.'"

"I finally feel clear-minded and have a lot more focus than ever. Now I’m ready to embrace my gifts, self-actualize and achieve my goals to find fulfillment and share it with others."

"I feel like I have a real plan and marketing strategy for the first time."

"This program is very important for entrepreneurs. There is so much information available to help people become 'influencers' but it's all generic and the same. This process is unique and different from anything else I've read or any course I've taken."

“A lot of women live with this notion that self-sacrificing is what makes you worthy to be here, when in reality the more you do for yourself the more you can give to others.”

A Curriculum Developed Over Two
Decades Of Storytelling In Business

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Tailored specifically for female entrepreneurs and female coaches

  • Knowing what makes your story unique, why it matters and who benefits most

  • Combines emotional intelligence with measurable data resulting in higher engagement and growth


  • Develop a messaging strategy that is both values and data-driven


    Draw clear connections from your "Why" to your value propositions for clients/customers/stakeholders

The Legacy Mentor method develops narratives for your personal journey, business authority and brand value.

These narratives form a unified story resulting in improved funnels, higher client engagement and quantified success.

The filters employed in this program are specifically tailored and tested for the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs.

Story is more than brand, more than marketing, and more than communications.

Personalized programming. Producing measurable results.

10 Week Curriculum 

Very limited space. Only 10 individuals.

Program Structure

  • Term

    10 Weeks

  • Structure

    Weekly 90-minute Group and Three Individual Coaching Sessions

  • Group Size

    10 Member Limit

  • Format

    Group and Individual Coaching | Peer Mentoring

What Makes The Legacy Mentor Method Mastermind So Unique?

"Damon D’Amore has demonstrated his talent as an innovator and entrepreneur." - Entrepreneur Magazine

Damon D'Amore has spent 15 years working directly with leaders from successful startups which scaled to exit to large Fortune 500 firms. His work focuses on psychological performance and storytelling to drive stakeholder engagement.

More than half of Damon’s clients are female corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.

A select group of up to 10 female entrepreneurs ensures that every member receives one-on-one attention to their unique issues and  actionable takeaways each and every session.

This format is based on the exclusive mastermind group Damon has been a member of and held leadership roles in for the past 14 years which has produced founders with multiple high-profile exits, funding events and sustainable business models.


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About Damon

Performance specialist and mentor

International speaker, public/private corporate events

Contributor to top business and corporate publications

Spokesperson/Host: Discovery Channel show on Entrepreneurship

Mentor, Lecturer and Advisor: Top 25 MBA Programs USC, NYU, UT-Austin, UCLA


Damon's work focuses on psychological performance and storytelling supported by data with integrity to drive stakeholder engagement.

You can view his full professional background by Clicking Here.